I help you optimize & transform your health by healing from the inside out.

What would it be like to reclaim your wellness and live your optimal life? 

My name is Dr. Melissa De Brito, and I help people boost their energy and mood, achieve their ideal weight, clear away brain fog, and improve digestion and hormonal issues. 


I use a whole-body approach to wellness to unlock the underlying cause of your health challenges and overcome barriers so you can live a thriving life. 


Together we will dive deeply into identifying imbalances and opportunities for healing your unique body. We will develop a customized action plan from the ground up based on nutrition, restorative lifestyle strategies, and functional medicine principles to reclaim your energy, vitality, and overall wellbeing.


Areas of Focus


Melissa is very knowledgeable about health challenges that can be approached through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I'm confident her advice can help you to feel your best. 

Stephanie P.

I really enjoyed Melissa's cooking workshop on supporting the immune system and thyroid for Hashimoto's. She reviewed the importance of gut health too. The class was fun and educational, and the recipes were great! Melissa's knowledge and passion were shining through and I learned a lot of valuable information in her workshop.

Patrick P.

  • Digestion and Gut Health 

  • Hormonal Balance and Health 

  • Thyroid and Adrenal Health 

  • Immune Health 

  • Increase Energy and Mood

  • Weight Management 

  • Blood Sugar Stabilization 

  • Culinary and Functional Nutrition 

  • Cooking Classes, Workshops, and Meal Planning

  • Food Sensitivity Guidance & Support 

  • Toxin-Free Living and Creating a Healthy Home Environment 

  • Safe Use of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements