Virtual Functional Medicine Consulting & Health Coaching

The Optimal Vitality Wellness functional medicine consulting and coaching program is for people who are interested in optimizing their health by increasing energy, overcoming exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, and overwhelm, clearing away brain fog, and addressing persistent, chronic health issues such as autoimmune conditions, as well as digestive and hormonal issues. By combining my training in functional medicine, restorative wellness, culinary nutrition, and years of experience in a clinical setting, I will help you:

  • Reset your digestion

  • Rebuild a healthy gut

  • Repair the gut lining

  • Balance the gut microbiome

  • Start absorbing, digesting, and assimilating nutrients (where they get into your cells where all the magic happens)

  • Reduce inflammatory symptoms

  • Naturally balance your mood, blood sugars, and hormones. 

We will work closely together with virtual one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions to develop a comprehensive, customized program specifically designed for your health situation and lifestyle. The program will be one that will give your body and mind what it needs to maximize and what it needs to minimize to positively transform your wellbeing for lifelong sustainable wellness. 

Educating my clients using pictures, diagrams, clinical studies, handouts, and straightforward language is key because when you have a clear understanding of your health situation you will also have a clear understanding of how you are going to reach your health goals to get back to optimal vitality and wellness. I am there to support, guide, inspire and empower you along the way. You are always included in the process of making decisions because you know yourself best, and we will move at a pace that feels best to you.

During our time together, I ask you to be an active participant in your wellness journey as this promotes ownership and commitment and increases the likelihood of success.

How the Program Works: 

This comprehensive program spans approximately 3 to 6 months with an initial consultation and two follow-up sessions per month. 


Note: after the initial consultation, you may decide if you would like to continue working one-on-one with me through the coaching program. The extended coaching services are often necessary for the rebalancing work to optimize digestion and reduce inflammatory symptoms. 

3 Steps to Transform Your Health: 

Step 1 
Comprehensive Case Review (Initial Consultation)
We start by taking a deep dive into your health story, prior health history, current issues and lifestyle habits, and where you would like to go in your health journey. I ask questions about your medical, mental, social, and environmental history to gain a better understanding of how to individualize our work together. This is where my health investigation begins to help you uncover your root cause. 

​This comprehensive case review will consist of: 

  • Initial consultation with comprehensive health history intake 

  • Multi-symptom analysis and assessment 

  • Diet and lifestyle assessment 

  • Eating habit review 

  • Review of existing blood work

  • Review of functional testing options that are most appropriate for investigating your health situation and concerns 

  • Detailed action plan for diet, lifestyle, and environment to get started on your natural healing journey and in preparation for the next steps 

Step 2
Advanced Functional Lab Testing 
I connect you with functional laboratory testing options that are most appropriate to your health situation to investigate the underlying causes of your symptoms and so you are informed about what is actually going on in your body. This could include identifying digestive issues such as gut microbiome imbalances, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and more. Many of these tests can be performed from the comfort of your own home. By combining the results of your tests with your unique health history, we can uncover the root cause of your nagging symptoms.


Note: Testing is not required, but it can be used to accelerate your health transformation. Depending on your health situation, certain tests may be recommended to assist in identifying your root causes.

Step 3 
Optimal Vitality Wellness Functional Framework
This is where we put it all together to create sustainable strategies and an actionable framework that works best for you. I will customize an action plan that addresses your nutritional needs, lifestyle demands, and physical environment to help you with your physiological health, the architecture of your life, and your inner landscape. I am there to coach you every step of the way. 

Follow-up sessions include: 

  • Step by step actionable strategies and customized plan surrounding diet, lifestyle, environment, targeted supplementation, and supportive educational material 

  • Review of any functional testing, if completed, with analysis and recommendations for a personalized protocol for gut healing and rebalancing your body 

  • Review of environmental toxicity and exposure where we look at your chemical exposure from food, air, and water, personal care products, household products, and cosmetic items

  • Education on real food, quality, sourcing, ingredients, how to stock a healthy pantry, and virtual grocery store tour

  • Includes one themed, educational, and fun cooking class for you and your family and the option to add more

  • Option to add on a meal plan that includes recipes, planning template, grocery shopping list, and meal prepping template

  • Access to me via messaging in between sessions for added support, clarifications, and questions

  • Access to Practice Better Client Portal 

  • Ensuring you fully understand the dynamics of your health challenges and how your customized program recommendations will help you heal and rebalance your body

  • Accountability, education, inspiration, and empowerment to help you reach your health goals 

EMAIL or CALL ‪(629) 777-6771‬ to discuss your health challenges or goals, and any questions you may have. You may also book a free 15-minute clarity call by clicking the button below to learn more about the services I offer, discuss your health goals, why you are reaching out for help, and to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 

Lifestyle Synergy for Optimal Health

  • Maximize raw materials your unique body needs to function and heal 

  • Minimize what is harmful to your unique body: toxins, infections, allergens, stress, trauma 

  • Prioritize a healing environment 

Physiological Health

  • Nutrient-dense diet

  • Optimal hydration 

  • Targeted supplementation

  • Digestion and Gut Health 

  • Hormonal Health 

  • Immune Health 

  • Quality sleep and rest

  • Daily movement/exercise

Architecture of Your Life

  • Healthy, meaningful relationships 

  • Stress reduction and management 

  • Hobbies and activities 

  • Work/play balance

  • Goal setting

  • Building healthy sustainable lifestyle habits

Inner Landscape

  • Emotional wellbeing 

  • Mindset

  • Mindfulness

  • Passion and purpose 

  • Beliefs (minimizing limiting beliefs, fears, negative expectations)